Q: Why should I wrap my vehicle?

A: Effective wraps with high resolution graphics have been proven to increase conscious awareness of a Brand by more than 48% over simple vehicle lettering.

Q: Are Car Wraps effective?
A: The average person in the US has traveled over 300 miles in the past week.

A Vehicle Wrap can generate as many as 70,000 impressions per day (that is 14 million pairs of eyes a year).

Q: How does the cost of a Vehicle Wrap compare to other forms of advertising?

A: There is no other form of advertising with a lower cost per impression than Vehicle Wraps.

Q: Will a Vehicle Wrap damage the paint on my vehicle?

A: On the contrary, the films used actually protect the paint surface, preserving it similar to "shrink-wrapping".

Q: How is a Vehicle Wrap Installed?

A: The graphic is printed and applied in panels, (like a jigsaw puzzle). Film overlap and accurate alignment of the graphic sections will ensure excellent presentation and longevity of the product.

Q: How are the vehicle windows covered?

A: A special perforated UV protected film is used to cover the windows but also allow good visibility from the inside.

Q: Can one apply a Vehicle Wrap on a vehicle themselves?

A: Vehicle Wrap graphics are intended to gain awareness in a dramatic and bold fashion. It is a laborious and difficult process that should only be performed by professional installers.

Q: How long will a Vehicle Wrap last?

A: You can expect the longevity of the product to be 3 - 5 years using high quality, cast laminated vinyl. No contact washing and low abrasion detergents will ensure a longer product life.